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I like it! Thanks Again!
Yvette Luman, SJ Madrid

Who knew!! I had no idea that typing online would be so easy and paid shoo well. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive at first because I have been scammed in the past. 

Marvy W.

I recently purchased a lifetime membership with your program, & the instructions i have is easy to follow. I have already started, & great stuff inside. Thanks again & more blessings to come!
Jade D


Awesome! I a little skeptical at first. But after ordering my Lifetime Membership,  I'm now starting making money, great work at home Opportunity.. Amazing Bonuses Inside.. Thanks a lot.
Joilito Uriar

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Bill & Fran



If you don't believe me, then try it out. You've got nothing to lose, and huge payouts to gain!

Because our membership is so inexpensive. It is easy to make sales!

100% Commission Emails 4 Cash Affiliate Program Details

Getting Started :

The fastest setup of any affiliate program.

Earn 100% per sale converts at 1:20 or two minutes from now. $69.00 will be paid directly into your PayPal account when you join using our partner reseller platform.

Check out our Reseller Partner affiliate page details below

If you don't have an account with Resellers heaven then you can order your Resellers Heaven Premium account here.

2. If you already have a Resellers Heaven account then you can login and create your hoplink.

3. Your links will look like this:



* Be sure to replace YOURUSERNAME with your unique username. If your username was "platinum" then your link would look like this: http://generate-an-income.com/emails4cash/?e=platinum

How Do You Track My Sales and Pay Me Commissions?

Commissions for Emails 4 cash will be paid straight directly into your PayPal account, all transactions will be managed and tracked using Resellers Heaven platform, the world’s leading and most secure affiliate network program since year 2008.

Just login to your Resellers Heaven Premium Membership any time to see full tracking, including clicks, sales, total commissions earned, plus it’s all laid out in an easy to read graph.

Generate An Income affiliate tracking is so sophisticated, if someone comes to our site via your affiliate link and decides not to buy, but then returns months later and makes the purchase, you still receive credit for the sale and the commissions will be credited to your account.

How Do I Promote Generate An Income At Home Emails 4 Cash?

Once you join our affiliate program you will receive a unique affiliate URL which you can promote. You can promote this URL any means you know how legally. You may put a banner or text ad on your website or blog linked with your affiliate URL, use Google AdWords, recommend us to your mailing list, or place classified ads. Of course these are just a few of the many ways you can promote GAI - Generate An Income At Home. Just remember, the most visitors you send us the more money you will earn.

Marketing Materials :

Text Links

1. Start Making $250+ per day working only 30 minutes a day. Virtually runs on Autopilot!

2. Working only 30 minutes a day. Learn how to just make money at home. Come see how!

Marketing Tips :

Using the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engines:

I'm a big fan of getting traffic this way. Using PPC sites like Google Adwords, Overture, and countless others, you can very easily generate a nice steady flow of income. You can send the PPC traffic right to our site through your affiliate link, or you can have them land on your site first, then send through your affiliate link. A proven method is to write a review of the Generate An Income program include your affiliate link in the review.

These are the best PAID Pay Per Click Search Engines I recommend:

Google Adwords: Probably the best overall
Yahoo Search: A very close second
Miva: (used to be findwhat) I really like this one as well.

Some of the smaller and also cheaper places to place ads:

Search Feed:
Go Click:

There's plenty other ways to get sales as well. I just gave you some of the ones I find useful.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at g.a.i.helpdesk[@]googlemail.com
For Spam purposes, replace [@] with @

Looking forward to a great relationship together!


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